Photo Taken from the PNP website.

BOHOL, PHILIPPINES — High alert policemen and soldiers undergo a gun battle against suspected Abu Sayyaf troops in Inabanga, a small town in Bohol, on Tuesday, 5 am in the morning.

In a press briefing, PNP Chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa confirmed the presence of the extremist group members in Inabanga.

Dela Rosa added that the group occupied  three houses in the area.

According to an online article by GMA News, an intelligence report was obtained and it says that the members of Abu Sayyaf were on board three speedboats. They were spotted along a river in Sitio Ilaya,  Barangay Napo in Inabanga at about 10 am, last Monday.

Troops who were in the battle field revealed that there were 3 soldiers and 1 policeman killed during the encounter, while 5 people were killed in the extremist group.

According to a timeline published online by ABS-CBN News, the Armed Forces of the Philippines monitored a group of Abu Sayyaf members, as they left bound for Central Visayas last April 6 to 7.

It was also on April 9 when the US Embassy warns its citizens to avoid traveling to central Visayas, including Cebu and Bohol.

Following on April 10, the AFP received reports of the presence of 11 armed men in Inabanga, Bohol riding 3 pump boats.

As early as 5 am of April 11, a firefight joint military troops and police forces against the Abu Sayyaf starts.

On April 12, AFP confirmed the death of Muamar Askali, alias Abu Rami, Abu Sayyaf leader.

Travel advisories were ascending issues due to the clash reports especially The United Kingdom, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand government.

Despite all this commotion, Provincial Governor Edgar Chatto assures that the rest of the places in Bohol is not affected .

Tourists can still go to places they intend to go.


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